Biline Tech provide solutions for multiple problems

Biline Tech is a company that create apps based solutions for personal everyday use and corporate productivity. We treat each individual app as a startup with dedicated team to focus on it’s growth.

BILINE Tech started in early 2019 by two young and explorative minds,  with the sole purpose of making life simpler. The world is already full of complicated stuffs, why should we, as a person make things more difficult?

All the apps that BILINE Tech created are made with the spirit of simplicity, efficiency and connectivity, so that people from different groups and background can enjoy the app effortlessly. 

Started with the idea of making wedding preparation simpler and less stress, the company than expanded the idea on how to make other life important milestones and other productive activities simpler and more efficient. And the exploration continues…

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BILINE Connect

Connect with verified member of your organization, group membership or school and university alumni. Connect, share and expand your knowledge and friendship. Who knows what the new connection will bring to your life or career.


Managing an event can be stressful. BILINE Event will help take off some pressure in organizing the perfect event. All data and updates compiled in one app.

BILINE Wedding

Experience a new kind of wedding like never before. Real time RSVP, complete information on the wedding location (connected to Google Maps), and wishes board from your love one – all in one app.

Coming Soon...

These are the apps that we currently are developing.

The Wallet App

One app for all your cards. No more carrying bulky wallet around. One click for all transactions.

The Office App

Check your team’s attendance in one App. No more time and energy wasted. Manage team to your their maximum productivity.

The Contact App

Make your life easier with this apps. Never lost a friend, contact update are real time. Stay in touch!

The Networking App

A social network for professionals. Create new partnership, business venture or just a coffee buddy. Find your true partner!

The Baby App

A social network for your kids. Mingle with other parents while keeping track of your baby’s growth, get guidance personalised for your baby.

The Future App

Set your dream, collaborate with others. Create a wonderful journey with your friends. Be productive and let’s go!

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